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Advantages of Wooden Tiles
    When your golden roof becomes silver wood

Wooden tiles represent the perfect union of a recognized product with our experience.

The natural colours perfectly match any environment and any type of housing, whatever the original color of its roof.  Gradually the golden wood colour turns into a silvery wood colour giving your home an extraordinarily attractive covering.

Wooden roofing tiles are the oldest and most resistant of tiles. Forgotten over the course of time, it returns today with a bang, thanks to its ecological and economical qualities.  Distributed throughout the world, it is an irreproachable quality product combining three essential components:

Beauty, comfort and an energy-saver !

Beyond its beauty, Soveco wooden tiles are efficient: 


  • Ecological
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • With a 40-year warranty
  • Completely water-tight
  • Acoustic and thermal insulator
  • Fire-resistant (M3 natural classification)
  • Resistant to icing, rain, wind, sun and hail.

The tiles contribute to more than 70 % energy-saving, thanks to the unique Company installation method.

Allows for fighting greenhouse effect gases by trapping CO2. 

Promotes sustainable management of forests and is completely recyclable. 

Needs no heavy-metal treatment.

Therefore, this is a completely ecological product.